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Why Designers Fail

Scott Berkun conducted a survey surrounding the topic of

“why designers and people who work with designers believe designers don’t achieve the results they desire”

His top findings:

The 389 survey respondents self identified as:

Designer 33.7%
Project manager 16.5%
Programmer / Tester 11.8%
Usability engineer 9.5%
Group manager 6.9%
Business / Marketing 3.9%
Documentation 1.3%
Other 16.5%

The top 15 issues, ranked by average scores were:

People in non-design roles making design decisions 4.18
Managers making design decisions w/o design training 4.14
Designers don’t seek enough data before designing 3.92
No time is provided for long term thinking 3.81
Not receptive to critical feedback 3.69
Lack of awareness of the business fundamentals 3.66
Only lip-service is paid to “User centered design” 3.64
It’s never made safe to fail or experiment 3.62
Designer’s power diluted by too many cooks 3.60
Over-reliance on one kind of design style 3.54
Poor collaboration skills 3.51
Poor persuasion / idea pitching skills 3.49
Poor communication skills 3.49
Poor understanding of domain 3.48
Pressure to use first solution, not a good solution 3.45
Big Ego / Expects others to cater to their whims 3.41

More summary and breakdown of the results here

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