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How your design strategy should work

I recently came across a video that Design Continuum created to help demystify how design strategy should work. There some great nuggets in here. This video is beautifully made and if you’re struggling with your leadership team not understanding design strategy show them this video. dcontinuum have visually communicated the thought process of how an ethnographer probes and tries to obtain insights from their interviewee through a collage of text and imagery. They also show how successful brainstorming looks like in action.

Of course budget/time sensitive people always will ask you where the value in doing these expensive design research exercises are. Just like Jared Spool said Personas are not a document. It’s the journey of actually experiencing what it’s like to be with someone who will use what you are creating. It’s having empathy for their situations. It’s living their environments and experiences which translate into creative insights that help meet tacit needs.

Another great point that is made in the video is that consumer insights are great but they often become a dusty document on the clients desk and the design team is not sure how to use them. Insights are questions and design strategy is an answer. Design strategy is actionable. It distills those insights into something that is tangible which a designer can interpret and execute upon it.

Understand the Problem Space –> Define the Solution –> Features are a function of the solution

Understand the user’s Values –> Map those values to their Aspirations –> Create an Experience


The Right Solution

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